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$5,000 Black Friday

  • 16名玩家
  • Double Elimination
  • 未指定游戏

Streaming Rules:

You must have your delay set to 120 seconds on your OBS settings when you are streaming, failing to do so will result in a forfeit and or a replay of the match that was played.

How To Win:

For this tournament you will play two games. Each game you must keep track of your kills for each game played. The combined amount of kills for each game will determine which team will win the match. If out of the two games played the kills are tied a third game will be played and players MUST LAND AT FIRING RANGE


The lower seeded team (closest to 0) will host map 1. The higher seeded seed (furthest from 0) will host map 2. If a third map is needed the lower seeded (closest to 0) team will host.

As this is a 2v2 tournament, the hosting team will host a QUADS game session and invite their opponents. Once all players are in the lobby, the hosting team can start the QUADS game session.


The following actions will be considered sabotage and will result in a forfeit of the map:

Damaging any of your opponents Vehicles, Equipment, Items, etc will result in a forfeit.

Running over your opponent with a vehicle or Killing/Harming them with a vehicle will result in a forfeit.

Using any equipment to interfere with your opponent will result in a forfeit. 

Ex: Throwing a smoke, flash, stun/concussion, etc at your opponent.

Match Issues:

For no-shows in this tournament if you fail to respond within a fair given time frame you may be forfeited from the tournament.

All forfeits will be handled by UMG Staff.

All match issues will be handled through the direct support channels distributed to players prior to the start of the tournament.



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